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The Notion Coach

Less friction, more focus.

We build workspaces to help your team work smarter, deeper, and faster.

Every business needs an operating system.

From solo creators to 100+ person teams, every business should have a digital workspace that organizes documents, projects, actions, and data. That’s where we come in. We meticulously review all of a team’s current workflows, which serve as the basis for a powerful, intuitive, frictionless Notion workspace. Here are a few ways we’ve helped businesses get there.

1-on-1 Coaching

Not everyone picks up Notion immediately. Whether through structured courses or open office hours, we ensure your team is empowered to maximize Notion’s value.

Notion for Startups

Leveraging 2-week sprints, we build and launch tailormade solutions, from company workspaces to targeted dashboards.

Trusted by Innovators

Just a few transformative companies we've helped to implement Notion

What Clients Have to Say

Meet Dave

Dave is a Notion Coach, teacher, and dad.

He started coaching after his personal productivity template – Manifest OS – surpassed 1k users in three months. He’s driven by helping people and organizations work more creatively and effectively, applying his unique experience in design, education, and entrepreneurship. He loves enabling organizations do work that’s meaningful and fulfilling. Prior to teaching and Notion consulting, he led Digital Strategy as Co-Founder of Superform, an NYC-based creative agency that worked with companies including Aulder Capital and The Gray Foundation.