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How To Use The Manifest Notion System

by Dave de Cespedes
by Dave de Cespedes

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This is a brief introduction to Manifest, a Productivity System Built on Notion. —— Interested in grabbing the Manifest Template? Grab it here!


0:00​ Intro
2:32​ 4 Spaces
4:01​ Mindsets
8:26​ Now
10:41​ Projects
12:50​ Areas
14:24​ Outro

Reading References:
Getting Things Done, by David Allen…
The 12-Week Year, by Brian Moran…
PARA, by Tiago Forte…
Atomic Habits, by James Clear…

About Manifest
Manifest is meant to build positive habits, minimize stress, and keep you organized. This all-on-one template that includes all of the pages and databases you need to stay focused, increase productivity, and minimize stress. Manifest works best for entrepreneurs/solopreneurs, and those who take on various side-hustles. The template is organized into 4 Key Sections: Now, Projects, Areas, and Mindsets. Interested in using Manifest OS? Learn more here! Manifest OS​ Manifest OS w/ Video Walkthroughs