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The Notion Coach

The Weekly Planner for Creators

by Dave de Cespedes
by Dave de Cespedes

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Notion’s new databases have unlocked way more customization, we’re diving into how they work, and trying to build the ideal weekly planner!

In this planner, we’re covering every part of an ideal weekly planning and reflection routine, including: ⭐️ Logging Habits ⭐️ Setting OKRs ⭐️ Journaling ⭐️ Project Management

Video Sections

00:00 Intro

00:58 Differences with Manifest OS

02:35 Why Weekly Planning?

04:15 The Dashboard

06:43 Daily Planner

09:36 Key Results

12:54 Setting Intentions for the Week

14:31 Events & Time Blocks

17:50 Projects

20:13 Actions

24:37 Updating Key Results

25:32 Review Habit Performance

26:35 Review Journal Entries

27:12 Weekly Reflection

28:07 Systems (Databases)

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