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The Notion Coach

Be the creator that gets things done, without burning out.

What if you had every important action in Notion one click away? Notion’s new databases have transformed what we can do in Notion.

Stop wasting time with needlessly complicated templates.

🆇 No more clicking through dashboards.
🆇 No more getting lost in your Notion space.
🆇 No more tedious, repeating tasks.

With the Manifest Weekly Planner, you get:

🖱 Every important database, one click away
🧭 Effortless navigation across all your databases
🧐 Instant insight into your progress

Manifest Weekly Planner (MWP) incorporates the most actionable aspects of GTD, PARA, Atomic Habits, and The Bullet Journal Method. The system is designed to build positive habits, minimize stress, and keep you organized.

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The Planner is designed to follow through on all important aspects of weekly planning & reflection, displaying the right databases exactly where you need them. The sequence for weekly planning is:

  1. Log Habits & Journal Entries in the Daily Planner

  2. Review and Prioritize Key Results

  3. Set intentions for the week

  4. Review calendar events

  5. Assign time blocks for deep work

  6. Schedule project due dates

  7. Prioritize next actions

  8. Log Key Results

  9. Review habits from the week

  10. Journal entry for weekly reflection


The Manifest Planner leverages several key databases to make planning, making, and reflecting easier, providing a visualization of your progress. Here are the main databases that the template provides:

📋 Daily Planner

By bringing in habits, tracking more dynamic habits like reading or exercise, and syncing closely with the Journal database, The Daily Planner acts as a home base for each day, displaying spaces to quickly jot down notes and journal entries, while also displaying a filtered Actions database view.

🗓 Weeks | Months | Quarters

Daily Planner data rolls up into Weeks, Months, and Quarters, offering insights into your productivity, habits, and progress toward larger goals. The patterns and insights that come from daily logs is the strongest aspect of Manifest, providing the data needed to make informed decisions on what to prioritize.

📓 Journal

Log journal entries in a Bullet Journal-like system, with the ability to tag entries by date, project, or type.

🌏 Areas

Easy-to-access dashboards for areas like personal, business, learning, teaching, or content creation.

🏗 Projects

Leverage Notion’s Timeline view to plan out projects, templatize repeated projects, and organize tasks by project .

✅ Actions

See all your next actions filtered by either project, priority, do date, or time-needed.

🎯 Objectives & Key Results

OKRs take your larger vision and annual goals, and help provide a roadmap for what action to take in the short-term. Each project should be tied to an Objective, providing the opportunity to quantitatively track your progress.

📚 Library

Organize books, articles, podcasts, videos, and other resources in one place. Utilizing categories and tags means your Library stays organized and never overwhelming.

📄 Documents

Organize and tag all your Notion pages, whether they’re blog posts, notes, or research.