Manifest Weekly Planner

Notion Weekly Planner

Be the creator that gets things done, without burning out.

What if you had every important action in Notion one click away? Notion’s new databases have transformed what we can do in Notion.

My 2022 Notion Setup

My 2022 Notion Setup

Building your productivity dashboard in Notion? I’ve gone through LOTS of versions, but always come back to these five sections.

Notion Sessions: Master Weekly Planning & Reflection


We’re diving into strategies, tips and frameworks for winning each week!

What would it look like if we built a habit of holistic weekly planning, where goals, focus projects, high-leverage actions, and journaling work together to create masterful weeks?

In this session, we’re diving into:
🪄 What makes a masterful week?
🎯 How can we get more from goals, project management and journaling?
🥇 What does a winning week look like?

The Weekly Planner for Creators

Weekly Planner for Creators Notion’s new databases have unlocked way more customization, we’re diving into how they work, and trying to build the ideal weekly planner! In this planner, we’re covering every part of an ideal weekly planning and reflection routine, including: ⭐️ Logging Habits ⭐️ Setting OKRs ⭐️ Journaling ⭐️ Project Management Video Sections 00:00 Intro 00:58 […]

Live Session: Setting Goals in Notion

Goal Setting in Notion

How can we create goals that are personal, inspiring, and don’t get pushed aside weeks into the new year?

In this video, we’re diving into some key distinctions, common misconceptions, and guidelines for creating goals that are personally relevant and inspire action.

7 Things Your New Hires Need to Know about Notion

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’re leading a meeting, going over how to do “X,” and you get nods that secretly communicate how lost your employees really are. Why does this happen? The most common mistake managers make is assuming employees and team members have basic understanding or expertise on tools, workflows or projects. […]

Notion’s Synced Blocks Feature is a Gamechanger

Here’s How It Works This could be the biggest new feature of 2021 for Notion. In this post, we’re going to talk about what synced blocks are, how they work, and share some tips to get the most out of them.   Blocks Make Up the Foundation of Notion Notion team members often describe their […]

How to Hide Notion’s +New Button Using CSS

A Few Lines of Code Fixed My Entire Dashboard Over the past few months, two things have been true: I’ve been using Notion in a browser (mostly because I tend to have several pages open simultaneously) The “+New” button is everywhere I look, and I couldn’t turn it off without locking the entire page. If […]

How Notion Can Transform Teaching

Traditional Lesson Planning is Broken I’m wrapping up my 6th year of teaching and one thing’s clear: we need rethink systems of lesson planning. Using Notion to teach is more than an obsession with a tool; it’s about fundamentally changing how educators create transformational courses. By streamlining the process, there’s higher impact teaching, and more effective learning. […]