Use Notion’s API to Show Tasks in Google Calendar

The day has finally arrived! For Notion users, the release of their API (application programming interface) has been an eagerly awaited moment. We won’t get too much into the weeds on API’s, but they essentially allow for different apps to speak to each other, send/receive information, keep multiple apps connected. API’s can be great resources […]

Creating A Visual Library in Notion

Notion’s ability to network with tasks, projects, and other databases in infinite permutations is what sets it apart from other bookmarking/visual library tools It’s no secret (especially to friends) that I love Notion as a tool that helps organize my life. Its ability to link different databases and spaces fluidly, while being able to customize what’s visibility […]

Weekly Time-Tracking That’s Optimized for Remote Work

How to track your time and take control of your schedule with Notion and Toggl From one week to the next, millions of workers abruptly shifted to remote work, remote teaching, or remote learning. Many of us got thrown into a new work environment where many of the same performance expectations exist, but with entirely […]

5 Reasons Why Notion is Perfect for Educators

This software’s building-blocks approach has many use-cases for educators. At the end of the ‘19-’20 school year, teachers were thrust into full-time, online learning positions. Immediately, lesson materials, activities, and student work had to be completed 100% online. With teachers utilizing technology in widely different ways, this posed a huge challenge; many teachers are still […]

What is GTD (Getting Things Done)?

Book notes to capture the basics of this productivity system How to leverage the system to visualize and execute on your vision if there’s no single technique or tool for perfecting organization and productivity, there are very specific things we do to facilitate them. — David Allen If you’re not familiar with the GTD (Getting […]

Live Session: Intro to Manifest

Thank you all for attending! This is a brief introduction to Manifest, as well as the thinking behind it. 0:00​ Intro 02:51​ What is Notion? 17:16​ Manifest Walkthrough About Manifest Manifest is meant to build positive habits, minimize stress, and keep you organized. This all-on-one template that includes all of the pages and databases you […]

Live Sessions: GTD – From Vision to Action

In this session, we take a look at how to apply the Getting Things Done methodology, going from crafting your Vision all the way to planning individual Actions. If you haven’t read Getting Things Done, this will be a nice overview of the system (also check out the blog post below a refresher), and if […]

Live Session: GTD Daily & Weekly Planning

“The Weekly Review is the critical success factor for marrying your larger commitments to your day-to-day activities.” – David Allen In this video, we deep-dive into daily and weekly planning in Notion, focusing on how to start each week with intention. We’ll also look at how to capture the insights and data you need to reflect purposefully. […]

Build A Notion Project Management Board In 5 Minutes

Sometimes, you just need a simple, straightforward dashboard to track projects and associated tasks. I tried to make this under 5 minutes but didn’t quite get there 🤦🏻‍♂️. Marie Poulin’s Video “Project and Task Planning with Notion”…​ August Bradley’s Video on Project Databases…​

Getting Started With Formulas: Auto-Fill Checkboxes

THE SIMPLEST FORMULA YOU WILL FIND! In this session, we take a look at how to automatically fill a checkbox when a task is moved to “Done.” This is also an introduction to formulas in general, and barely skims the surface as to what formulas can do in Notion!