Manifest OS

Incorporating Aspects of GTD, PARA, The 12-Week Year, and Atomic Habits. Manifest is meant to build positive habits, minimize stress, and keep you organized. Your purchase includes: ◉ A Full Notion Workspace ◉ A look at all pages and databases ◉ Insight into Filters, Sorting and Custom Properties —— This all-on-one template that includes all […]

7 Things Your New Hires Need to Know about Notion

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’re leading a meeting, going over how to do “X,” and you get nods that secretly communicate how lost your employees really are. Why does this happen? The most common mistake managers make is assuming employees and team members have basic understanding or expertise on tools, workflows or projects. […]

Notion’s Synced Blocks Feature is a Gamechanger

Here’s How It Works This could be the biggest new feature of 2021 for Notion. In this post, we’re going to talk about what synced blocks are, how they work, and share some tips to get the most out of them.   Blocks Make Up the Foundation of Notion Notion team members often describe their […]

How to Hide Notion’s +New Button Using CSS

A Few Lines of Code Fixed My Entire Dashboard Over the past few months, two things have been true: I’ve been using Notion in a browser (mostly because I tend to have several pages open simultaneously) The “+New” button is everywhere I look, and I couldn’t turn it off without locking the entire page. If […]

How Notion Can Transform Teaching

Traditional Lesson Planning is Broken I’m wrapping up my 6th year of teaching and one thing’s clear: we need rethink systems of lesson planning. Using Notion to teach is more than an obsession with a tool; it’s about fundamentally changing how educators create transformational courses. By streamlining the process, there’s higher impact teaching, and more effective learning. […]

Use Notion’s API to Show Tasks in Google Calendar

The day has finally arrived! For Notion users, the release of their API (application programming interface) has been an eagerly awaited moment. We won’t get too much into the weeds on API’s, but they essentially allow for different apps to speak to each other, send/receive information, keep multiple apps connected. API’s can be great resources […]