Why I Started The Notion Coach

Why I Started The Notion Coach


On the heels of releasing Manifest OS, I took on a few Notion coaching projects, and it's completely changed my understanding of users' perspectives on the platform. It also made me question a lot about the efficacy of Notion templates, and who they're for.

Why I'm Doing It

There are three main reasons I'm launching The Notion Coach. Here they are!

Coaching Fills a Critical Learning Gap

If you're new to Notion, the three most accessible avenues to learn are: 1) Videos & Articles, 2) Courses, or 3) Consultants. If previous coaching sessions are any indication, there's a lot of demand between 1 and 2. Users tend to hit a self-learning plateau, but can't commit to a comprehensive course or consultation.

Templates ≠ Systems

Marie Poulin said it best: Templates ≠ Systems. When I created Manifest OS, I was CERTAIN it was THE solution for most users. A few 1-on-1's quickly knocked me off my high horse. Everyone is at a different part of their journey, and has unique priorities and goals. Their systems should ultimately reflect that.

Coaching offers an ideal middle ground to help people design workspaces and systems that they can build on independently and with confidence.

Peer Learning Can Be Transformative

Students learn a great deal by explaining their ideas to others and by participating in activities in which they can learn from their peers. Rick Reis, Stanford University

There are certainly aspects of Notion I'm not comfortable with yet ::ahem, formulas:: but that's an asset for users who are starting their Notion journey. Peer teaching removes the formality of learning, and allows for unfiltered, explorative learning, which can be transformational.