My 2022 Notion Setup

My 2022 Notion Setup

Building your productivity dashboard in Notion? I’ve gone through LOTS of versions, but always come back to these five sections.

Notion Sessions: Master Weekly Planning & Reflection


We’re diving into strategies, tips and frameworks for winning each week!

What would it look like if we built a habit of holistic weekly planning, where goals, focus projects, high-leverage actions, and journaling work together to create masterful weeks?

In this session, we’re diving into:
🪄 What makes a masterful week?
🎯 How can we get more from goals, project management and journaling?
🥇 What does a winning week look like?

The Weekly Planner for Creators

Weekly Planner for Creators Notion’s new databases have unlocked way more customization, we’re diving into how they work, and trying to build the ideal weekly planner! In this planner, we’re covering every part of an ideal weekly planning and reflection routine, including: ⭐️ Logging Habits ⭐️ Setting OKRs ⭐️ Journaling ⭐️ Project Management Video Sections 00:00 Intro 00:58 […]

Live Session: Setting Goals in Notion

Goal Setting in Notion

How can we create goals that are personal, inspiring, and don’t get pushed aside weeks into the new year?

In this video, we’re diving into some key distinctions, common misconceptions, and guidelines for creating goals that are personally relevant and inspire action.

Build A Notion Project Management Board In 5 Minutes

Sometimes, you just need a simple, straightforward dashboard to track projects and associated tasks. I tried to make this under 5 minutes but didn’t quite get there 🤦🏻‍♂️. Marie Poulin’s Video “Project and Task Planning with Notion”…​ August Bradley’s Video on Project Databases…​

Getting Started With Formulas: Auto-Fill Checkboxes

THE SIMPLEST FORMULA YOU WILL FIND! In this session, we take a look at how to automatically fill a checkbox when a task is moved to “Done.” This is also an introduction to formulas in general, and barely skims the surface as to what formulas can do in Notion!

Customizing Notion Widgets in iOS

This is a brief overview on setting up your Notion Widget, as well as some tweaks to make to your Manifest pages to get quick access to the information you need. In this video, we run through how to use Favorites as a way to organize pages you want to access on your phone, specifically […]

How To Use The Manifest Notion System

This is a brief introduction to Manifest, a Productivity System Built on Notion. —— Interested in grabbing the Manifest Template? Grab it here! Sections 0:00​ Intro 2:32​ 4 Spaces 4:01​ Mindsets 8:26​ Now 10:41​ Projects 12:50​ Areas 14:24​ Outro Reading References: Getting Things Done, by David Allen…​ The 12-Week Year, by Brian Moran […]

Create a Visual Library in Notion

Notion’s ability to network with tasks, projects, and other databases in infinite permutations is what sets it apart from other bookmarking/visual library tools. In this video, we set up a Visual Library, walk through how to add content from other sites, and how to edit and create multiple views of your Visual Library. Happy Notioning! […]