Build a frictionless workspace for stress-free work.

The best productivity systems are personalized to fit YOU. Your workflow, collaborations, goals, and organizational style.

There are tons of Notion resources out there. Our work is about elevating your Notion expertise, and build momentum in your work.

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What if I'm not sure coaching is for me?

You can schedule a Discovery Call for us to go over your needs, and if coaching is right for you!

What is a Discovery Call?

This is an opportunity for us to meet, and for you to go over your needs and priorities. If coaching can be beneficial, you'll receive a follow-up with recommendations on what to prioritize for our coaching sessions, and next steps. If coaching is not a good fit, you'll receive recommendations for resources that can help you.

Do you address technical issues?

Technical questions are bound to come up throughout our workshops. In most cases, Loom videos are created as resources to help you or your team navigate Notion effectively.

What is workspace design?

Notion's key components are pages, databases, and blocks. Although this allows for unlimited customization, workspaces need to be created and customized based on how you or your team work. This involves when to use pages vs. databases, and how to organize documents intuitively.

What's involved in a 1-on-1 session?

Prior to the session, you'll receive a survey that explores how you're using Notion, and what the highest priority needs are. 1-on-1 Sessions are typically 50 minutes, where we dive into your workspace, and collaboratively build a prototype that addresses your highest priority productivity needs. There is a follow-up check-in to see how everything is working, and how your workspace can be improved.

Can I book multiple 1-on-1 sessions?

Absolutely! After each workshop, you'll receive a follow-up document with notes, next steps, and resources to help you work more effectively in Notion.

Are team workshops available?

Yes! The minimum engagement for teams is a 3-part workshop, where we start with Discovery - getting a high-level understanding of team dynamics, Collaborative Prototyping - hands-on sessions where we build team and individual workspaces, workflows, and templates, and Execution - a holistic review of practices and resources that are made available to all team members.


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